Dynamics AX 2009 - Fixed Asset Depreciation to Projects


We have a requirement to automatically depreciate fixed assets to projects. Has anyone ever managed to get fixed asset depreciation proposals to post to a project assigned to the asset and hit the appropriate cost GL account? I understand that the Project field on the fixed asset header is only used for storing the project that created that asset.

If there is no way to do this without customisation, can anyone suggest the quickest process flow to achieve this?

Any help is much appreciated! Please ask if anything is unclear.



I think , you ll get an idea aft reading this,


Hi Dpsan, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this only shows how to handle depreciation under normal circumstances - to the GL. I require a solution to allow depreciation to post directly as an expense to projects. We have decided to go down the route of creating a customisation that posts a cost to projects based on a new project allocation table. Kind regards, Jamie

Hi Jamie,

As per FA fundamental, whenever you depreciate any asset, FA depreciation account (Expense side) is debited to Accumulated depreciation account (Liability side) is credited.

If you want to change this, than you have to alter system posting routine.

I will rather suggest you to pass a manual expense voucher after depreciating asset for the concerned project such that the project expense will be debited and FA depreciation account will be credited.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks - that is pretty much the route we are taking. I was concerned of the danger of tinkering with the posting routine so we have built a new process that takes the posted depreciation and reallocates it. We have automated this process as the vast majority of our assets are depreciated to projects based on usage and to process the journals manually would have not have been feasible. The journal is created based on a table, attached to the asset master, which contains projects and the dates each asset is are allocated to each project. This table is used to create a project expense journal.



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