Dynamics AX 2009 AOS servers do not synch

Hi all!

We have a Dynamics AX 2009 environment with 3 different AOS servers.

One issue we have is that the AOS’s don’t seem to sync as they should.

If I stop a period from one AOS, users on the other 2 still see it open for up to one hour.

Anyone know what could cause this?

Are they all on the same SP and roll up? Go to Help>About to see the versions, and check that for each AOS.

Yes they’re on the same SP (RU6)

I have the same issue here.
the two AOS server don’t sync… is it possible to set up this to sync?

I have 6 AOS on 2 servers, so each server is handle 3 AOS.

Every time i update the application through xpo import, only user who has same AOS session with me, updated.

My temporary solution is :

  • update application time on after office hour or close to end of business day.

  • restart all aos after update apps.

So far this method works for me and user happy…