Dynamics AX 2009 Advanced Filtering on Forms

Hi All

I could use some help with advanced filtering, I basically have the answer but I must be missing something…

I am trying to create an advanced filter based on an Expected Start Date, as our team look at dates set in the future.

I am trying to filter on Todays Date, Tomorrow, The Next Day, and The Next Again Day.
Basically Today +3days…

What is the syntax for this in the filter query screen?

Can someone assist?

I’ve figured out that using - day() or today() returns todays dates but when I try something like;
(day()), (day(+1))

All I get is todays date when I can see other records…

Try (dayrange(0,3))

Adam your a life saver thank you [Y]

Hi Adam, can you please help me a bit further?

Is there a way to take the range but only show todays day +1 or +2 or +3 and actually only show the values on the +1 or +2 or +3.

So for example I want to see records with a Start Date of the 21/09/2012, so it would be today + 2 - I only want to see results on that day though?

You were nearly there before

Confirmed Ship Date = (day(1)) would show where the confirmed ship date is tomorrow, (day(2)) would be your +2

When it is before today it is (day(-1)) but for +1 days you do not use the +

Hope this helps and is what you mean. [:D]

Damn it so close to it haha!!!

Thank you again Adam your the man [Y]

Glad AdamRoue helped solving this issue. No bounds to his brilliance [:D]

I hope that was said with a firm tongue in your cheek!