Dynamics available as a subscription service.

I just read this article with interest. I think its exciting, because it opens up whole new opportunities for us all. Of course in typical Microsoft fashion, the work “Dynamics” is not clarified, but sine it specifically states ERP, I assume its more than just CRM this time. nad since it says Suite, I assume it means all the products.

Get ready, Dynamics is growing!

By the way, I should meniton that this is not something new. I implemented one of the very first Subscription based Navision implementations back in 2000, but it never really took off. Lets hope that with MS doing it this time it will work.

There is any information related to this in partnersource?

I guess so if you are an Indian NSC [:D] did you rad the article?

Hmm maybe I read the article wrongly, I read it as India being the first region to offer this, but I realize its just that the NSC is the first partner. So maybe its available everywhere.

Either way its a great way for companies to get into Dynamics.