Dynamics 2013 Report Best Practice - GetData/SetData Confirmation


I need to create a Document Report similar to a sales Invoice report (e.g Report 206) whereby in the report header I will need to display Customer name/address etc. and the header needs to be dynamic in case the report is being generated for several invoices.

I would like to know if it is still advised to use the GetData/Set data function same as done in Report 206 or I can treat the header inside the report body.

Can someone please advise which is a best practice or standard recommended solution between these 2.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Lenita,

A standard approach suggest you to use GetData/SetData. If you have tried in Nav 2013 you dont need to use these functions to get the data in header.

And yes, you can treat the header inside the report body.


Gaurav Singh

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U can also Use Reportitem!Field_name.Value…

This is also microsoft standard…

Great Thx everyone for your time and replies. From what I understood, I will need to stick to GetData and SetData since for 1 invoice there can be several pages and I require a dynamic header and also several invoices can be printed at 1 go.