Dynamically hide dataitem in report request form

This might have been asked numerous times before, but I just can’t find an answer…[:)] Let’s say I have a report with two independent dataitems d1 and d2 (no dataitemlinkreference). is it possible to hide one of the dataitems dynamically by using settableview and filtergroups so that only one or the other dataitem is visible in request form? background is, that a lot of functionality is similar, no matter which dataitem is used and I would like to avoid two reports… I played around with the filtergroups and settableview before calling the report.runmodal, but to no success.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The dataitems appear depending on the properties on these dataitems (e.g. setting a DataItemTableView and/or ReqFilterFields); I guess you’ll either need to go for 2 reports, or adding some kind of message for the user to remind him of these fact, depending on the “layout” the report to either set filters on one dataitem or the other. Saludos Nils

Yes, I was afraid that I had not forgotten anything. Just wanted to make sure that there really is no possibility. thanks for confirming that, Nils.

if you can predict max of fileds that will be filtered for both dataitems, maybe you do it on request form and never show any of the 2 dataitems ? (not that nice)