dynamic report!

hello, I have a question about dynamics report.

I have checked report design and I clicked the view generate, I saw the same text on page footer.I tried to unvisible but there save button is unactive.also When I check the report design there is an only programmable section in there not the page header or footer.How can I change the design properties of dynamics report?I founf dynamics report table’s form and enum’s but the text on the report’s footer.

Somehow it is not clear. Please make it more clear.
Is that a SSRS report or Morphx report?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but you tagged your question with AX 2012 and you mentioned a programmable section, which suggest that you’re trying to work with MorphX reports in AX 2012. Stop it, because MorphX reports are deprecated and they’re in AX 2012 only for migration to SSRS reports.
By the way, “dynamic report!” isn’t a very descriptive title. Please try to find a more specific name and don’t use exclamation marks without reason.

Morphx report when u re addindg some field to base enum and giving number like 1 2 and then you can add the report template the this number and you can see the related infos…Is not that you call dynamic report?

Still not clear. May be you explain with an example/screen shots?
Are you using AX 2009?