Dynamic partner structure


Could someone help me to understand the struture from Microsoft, related to implementation, distribution, trainning.

I would like to know if there is a channel like reseller, distributior, hub that has a separated function, or the reseller can sell, trainne.

I don~t know if someone can help me as well to undestand how much Microsft pay for each license that is sold, maintenance and implementation.

Thank you

You cannot buy direct, you have to go through the partner channel, and ensure they are accredited.

The license cost is set by Microsoft, the reseller will add a margin and then the negotiations begin. Maintenance is compulsory year 1 and if you are buying now will be 16% of the software cost (non-discounted) from Microsoft. You will also want support from your partner which will be separate in cost, the maintenance is Microsofts. The partner will offer the implementation and training services. They will have a daily rate and depending upon your requirements this will be multiplied to a budgetary level for the project.

Actually Hourly rate. Daily rate is more a UK thing related to M25/M1 traffic, and not being able to get to a cleint on time [;)]

When will we all work off the same standards??? [:D]

As David rightly points out, hourly rates, or whatever rates are done locally, and of course everything is negotiable!