Dynamic master planning in ax 2009

I created one item with a

sale order qty -10

item coverage qty - 9

when i run dynamic master planning it is not generate any planned orders. but when i run static master plan it generates planned orders for those bom items also. what is the problem when i run dynamic master plan it does not generate planned orders,for that is there any set up is require. Please help me in this regard.



“Static” and “Dynamic” are just what you have called the plans. Look at the setup of each in planning under the plans options - yes there is a lot of setup required.

Dear AdamRoue,

assigned the dynamic master plan in the master planning parameters. I given the coverage time fence. What is the differece i am not getting. at what case i run the dynamic plan. i read the document why the system is not generating planned orders,i am not getting.Can you share the document with multiple examples if you dont mine.



The document is the manual - do you not have the manual?

Right mouse click on the dynamic master plan in the parameters and go to main table - all the settings are in this table, which is the master plan setup I referenced earlier.