Dynamic link or joining between two tables

Hi Frnds,

i have header grid (Header Table) and Line Grid (Line Table) in my form where i want to join this on run time

my condition is as

if Tables is A and B and (Relative field is FBVNum)


joining should be like on run time

(**A.**FBVNum == B.FBVNum or B.FBVNum == ‘’)

Means Line-Grid should display only lines which have id of Header-Grid or id field is Blank

pls help me !!


BK Sharma

  1. You should create relation of normal type for Table B ie B.**FBVNum == A.**FBVNum


2.On the form you have to drag and drop both the tables A as header datasource and B datasourceas Line tables

set the property of B datasource JoinDatasource : A (set it to A).

Check purch table form.
Data source > purchline > properties

Dear Santosh thanks for reply,

But this relation not include blank value record from line table,

while my requirement is that Header Table related record display in line table with blank value of same field means this relation should be (A.FBVNum == B.FBVNum || B.FBV == “”), is it possible in form