Dynamic Item Variant list from PBOM? Possible?

Hi, I would like to dynamically create a variant list in a drop-down or pop-up that gives me a list of Variants for a Production Item with a BOM attached. Our Production BOM has component Items that also have Variants. We want to look at the subcomponents of the PBOM and determine a common list of Variants from all PBOM line Items. These components would be flagged in the PBOM lines if they affect the Variant choice of the Parent Item. Probably by a Boolean field called “VarDep” for example. Anybody got any ideas or sample code that would create this dynamic list??? The maintenance of Variant lists would be a nightmare for our multi-level BOMs otherwise. We already know how to determine the Items we need to check, but if I have “Item1”, “Item2”, Item3" with Variants… Item1 = “Red, White, & Blue” Item2 = “White & Blue” Item3 = “Purple, White, Blue, Black, and Brown” What code could I use to pull the COMMON Item Variants of " White & Blue" for selection in a drop-down list from the Variant Table for these three Items? I think I know what functionally needs to be done, but the CAL code I am lacking experience with. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.[:)]

Hi David You should consider posting this in the Developers forum. [:D]

Thanks, will do.