Dynamic Forms

Is there a possibility to change the pages of a form dynamic ? I want to change the item form by adding an additional page for data depending of the kind of the item. for instance I got three types of articles; now depending on a switch (field class comes to mind) I want to show data needed for type I on the additional page. If the item would be of Type II want to show other fields on the page and also get another caption on the additional page. The main problem is I dont want to show as many pages as I got types, for which all other pages expcept the current type would be empty - I think this would be annoying to the user … Any Ideas ? Best Regards, Arno Pucher

Hi Arno, unfortunately there is no way of editing the PageNames Property during Runtime, but you can of course set certain fields visible=true and visible=false during runtime… though it might be a bit confusing to build that form in the beginning with several fields on top of each other. We usually solve this with special pages for producto types and leave the other fields empty… easier to maintain and understand for the user… Saludos Nils

I decided to make one page and add subforms for each type, which I enable/make visible due to a switch on the class. The only problem is I have to change a standard object (the CurrForm Var is only accessible in the form itself) which may be complicating a version update (I am programming using an car-package which is currently supporting v2.60). BTW: Have you seen Nav 3.60 ? What a debugger [:D]

Arno, don’t worry regarding changing std. objects - in fact, this is one of Navision major streghts, the flexibiltiy and posibility to highly customize the solution. As long as you document your changes (documentation trigger, new code, etc.) you will not have a lot of problems during an update… btw, excellent idea with the subforms. Saludos Nils … yep, I saw the 3.6 debugger, but they didn’t let me “touch” it [V], sleepless nights until the release date since then [:D]