Dynamic Form and Lookup

Hi, I would like to do the following : (T = table, F = field) T1.F1 = integer with the table n° T1.F2 = integer with the field n° T1.F3 = text 250 Create a lookup in code for T1.F3 which calls a form with values from which was set via the T1.F1 and T1.F2 fields. On Lookup OK the selected value should return to T1.F3 Can this be achieved ? Thanks !

Yup, the only trick is developing your own onlookup trigger for the field calling the appropiate forms with the appropiate records and returning the value you want to T1.F3… something like CASE T1.F1 OF 36: BEGIN T1.F3 := MYCODEFORLOOKUPTABLE36(); END; 38: BEGIN T1.F3 := MYCODEFORLOOKUPTABLE38(); END; END; …

In that a case each time a new table lookup would have to be made, the customer would need to call the sollution center to help him out, when he does not have the C/AL granule in the license. I was refering to the new 360 fucntionality, using tableref, fieldref, … but I can not get it to work properly. Thanks and bye for now.