Dynamic Field Check?

Hi everybody! The Problem: Depending on the Product-Posting-Group (i hope that’s the right translation of “Produktbuchungsgruppe”) there are different fields in the Item-Table which HAVE TO be filled (MUST-Fields). So I created a new table, where i can define the productgroup, table-no. and field-no… So far, so good. But how can I check the VALUE of the specified field in a selected item-record? My idea is: Set Range in my Must-Field-Table on table-no. 27 and productgroup of an selected item, and run through the found records. e.g. the MustField-Record says Field.-No 8 is to check, how can I get the VALUE of field-no. 8 in the selected item-record 27? What i need is something like “Record.TESTFIELD(FieldNo)” … Any ideas? Thanx, Joerg

You can get the field name in the table 27 as: Add 2 fields in the Item table: “FieldID Filter” as Flowfilter “FieldName” as Flowfield, CalcFormula as Lookup(Field.FieldName WHERE (TableNo=CONST(27),No.=FIELD(FieldID Filter)))

Unfortunately you cannot access a field in a table by number such as Table27.field2.Value However, Jörg, I think you are complicate things. The business rules you want to apply can be easily packed in a function withing Table 27, checking the posting group against the fields entered and generating nice error messages if the data breaks the rule. This of course requires programming every time the rules change (but hey, don’t we want to sell hours?). On the other hand, you might not only want to check whether a value is entered in a specific field but also what the value is. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch