Dynamic control height on report?

Is there a way in a report to, based on some data, to change the height parameter of a text control? It seems like it should be, but I can find no examples in the PDF ADG or elsewhere. If I tried to use the control name as an object in my code I always get unknown variable, even if I try CurrReport.ControlName. Thanks in advance, Steve

I don’t see this as possible. At least not how you are trying to do it. WHat are you actually trying to achieve?

You’re right, CurrReport.Controlname or something like that, doesn’t work. [:(] So I think “No way” is the answer. Maybe a solution is defining multiple sections with different height text controls. Then use CurrReport.Showoutput(TRUE) to print the right section and CurrReport.Showoutput(FALSE) to hide the wrong sections.

Thanks, Tino, I will try that. I have no real training in this, although am a programmer by trade. Trying to figure out the way things work by reading the ADG or anything else I can come across, supporting a non-profit, so money is tight and training is not an option. I simply wanted to have a section on the report with the fully-qualified acccount with all segments, and then underneath that have a line with the description for the natural account. This part was easy, but on “continuation” lines where they enter no account, just extra description lines, it was printing extra blank lines in between which I want to eliminate. Probably hard to tell what I mean without better examples, but I will keep playing around with it. Thanks!

Best will be to fill each line into a text array. Then insert a new section on the report, of ype INTEGER. Then set a filter on integer for the numebr of lines to tptint, and then just print each array element on a seperate line. If this is not clear let me know and I will post a code snippet for you. Good luck.