Dynamic columns in report

Hi guys,

I want to generate dynamic columns in my report…How to generate dynamic columns in the report…Can anybody help me plz

Thanks in advance

dynamics columns means with filter criteria in dialog or anything else? can you briefly explain it you may get better solution…


I hav one customer ,for that customer i hav ‘n’ number of proj’s …under proj i have to display some info,

my report format is like

Customer1 Proj1 proj2 proj3 proj4 …my projs are not fixed

Hi ,

Can anybody help for above issue …Its urgent

Thanks in advance

Hi Jyothi,

In what way are you displaing the datas of the customer,project…in the report?


Hi Rajeshwari,

For one customer in projTable there are number of projId’s… I want to show Customer wise info in report as

Cust1 Cust1projId1 Cust1ProjId2 Cust1ProjId3 …

Cust2 Cust2Proj1 Cust2Proj2 Cust2Proj3 …

After this i hav my own customizations

hey jyothi if u got solution then please suggest me i want also create dynamic column in the report.