Dynamic AX 4 "Show Invoice" button not working with TIF Files

Dear Dynamic Users
I wonder if anyone can help me. We are currently running Dynamic AX Version 4 on a Windows Server 2008. We have an issue when select the “Show Invoices” button it does not load the invoice on the screen. Instead the screen flashes for a few seconds and the same screen remains.
Our in house AX developer are at a loss, on why this the invoice window is not loading. The default file the “show invoices” button is associated with is .TIF. I do not normally deal with this type of fault but the development are unsure of a resolution. The “show invoices” button I am referring to is when using the main production environment, then navigating to “Purchasing Ledger”\Select a company name\then select “Transactions”\select a record and select “show Invoices”
I can inform you that the shell command execution is “rundll32.exe himgvw.dll, ImageView_Fullscreen” I can confirm that I have run this command from a command prompt and the “Microsoft Image Viewer” Loads.
I can also confirm that when selecting “show Invoices” the invoice.tif is generated in C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\invoice.tif” If I navigate to this manually and open the file, it opens correctly and I can see that it is the correct invoice.
I have researched and some users have stated that the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Pack, needs to be installed which I have done, and has made no difference.
Any guidance that you can provide on what other steps can be done in regards to resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards