Hi NOLUG, I “found” three commands in the helptext. extATTACH extDETACH extCALL They should be used under OS/2 to link external programs via DYNALOAD Library to Navision. Does somebody know why these commands were canceled? Thanks, Marc

They are not cancelled. As I recall, they are just removed from the F5 window between 3.55 and 3.56. So they are still functional.

But they are only functional when using navi.exe not navin.exe. Regards

Thank you for your answers. I tested these commands with navin.exe. It is possible to compile the code. Attaching and detaching the library is working. But calling a function (by number) doesn’t work. Allan, what do you mean exactly? May it be possible that these commands only run correct with 16 Bit libraries? Or am I totally wrong? Why were they recalled. Didn’t they work correct? Are they “buggy”? Marc

I’ve been given the “run around” from Navision several times on this issue. And don’t really have a straight answer. I know that Expandit succesfully uses the functions with their mail client for Navin.exe but i don’t know how. I suspect they have som inside knowledge that regular mortals don’t. Regards

It was not cancelled. But as far as i know, it was never meant to be seen as a “normal” part of Navi, that is documented or supported. One of our customers used that functions to call his external software under OS/2. They had to start that an external search-engine and return to navi with the search-result. Although they don’t use 3.XX any more, the whole think worked until last year (i think it was 3.55 and ran only with OS/2).

The commands were actually cancelled in one of the 3.5x versions. However, for backwards-compatibility-reasons they wern’t removed from the program, but they are not supported by Navision. I cannot remember which version the commands were cancelled in, but it is written in the log that comes with that version. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)