Dutch telebanking export protocol for generic pain format

Dutch banks are excepting files in a ‘generic pain format’, which is similar to the SEPA protocol (SEPA ISO2022) . Since banks will stop accepting the former BTL91 format as per 1st of May we need a new export format for exporting payments to Non-SEPA countries. It looks like NAV isn’t ready for that in NAV2017/2018. Anyone having the same problem? Somebody already created a report/XMLport for it? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Isn’t this what you need?


SEPA CT pain.001.001.03 (XMLport 1000) and SEPA DD pain.008.001.02 (Xmlport 1010) are available in NAV 2018 and 2017. The link above refers to BE localization, but these objects are W1. Or is it not generic pain format?