Duplicating Dynamics NAV 5.0 invoice discount system

Hi guys,

I need to accommodate 4 separate discount schemes in dynamics NAV. These discounts should be similar to the invoice discount. The Discounts should be calculated in the invoice and posted to the relevant accounts. In other words I need to have 4 parallel discount schemes. At the moment what I’m planning to do is perform a customization to replicate the invoice discount functionality. Is there a simple way to handle the above? Are there any things that I should watch out for when doing the customization.[:D]

When doing this kind of customization you should think in future upgrades. Try to put most of your code in a single codeunit.

You must take careful changing posting routines, it can be a tricky process. And always when testing don’t forget that it should in different currencies and currency exchange rates. It’s a common error to forget that.