Duplicate values generating while exporting to excel from NAV

Hi guys I could see duplicate values generating while exporting to excel from NAV report. In Live environment I could see these duplicate data issue but however when I run in test environment data is generated to excel without any duplicate values.

Data is generated from item and item vendor table to excel sheet.

I believe its not an issue with coding since comparing the code between live and test had also no difference.

Debugging this is actually not possible I believe since it takes almost whole day. Because excel buffer table takes inserting one cell data per each iteration and we’ve around 1000’s records.

Is there any setup changes needed or is it any data related issue? I believe there’s no changes needed from coding side. Please let me know your valuable suggestions.

Hi Harikiran BM,

You imported that objects from Test Environment Or you developed directly in Live? If Yes, then export objects from Test environment and import into Live .

Tested that way too very earlier. But no luck. That’s why i’m little confused.

Without seeing the code or anything else, then it’s difficult to say much more.

But I once had something very similar. Data were wrong and debugging not practical.
Instead I did a “little hack” to the Excel Buffer - instead of writing to temp, then I stored the result in the table. Made it easy to see the data, before they are “written” to Excel.

This sounds good. Thank you.