Duplicate records In LogisticsPostalAddress Table


I am struggling allot with the duplicate records in Logistics table. Actually I built a lookup which consists of all the addresses, in Purchreqcreate using reference group. But I got too many duplicate records when I am trying to select record from lookup. Even I tried to delete all the duplicate records from LogisticsPostaladdress table using a job,but it’s throwing me an AOS validation error while running the job.

Can someone please help me in this issue. Thanks in advance!!

First of all, why are you building your own lookup? What do you miss in the standard lookup for addresses?

It’s possible that you have these problems because you don’t understand the data model very well - and in that case you really shouldn’t try to meddle with the data. You could actually cause serious problems. For example, do you understand that addresses are date-effective?

If this does help you to avoid the problem, please give us more information about your particular scenario, especially what query you’re running and which records in which table you consider duplicate.