duplicate records created in VendInvoiceInfoTable - AX 2012 r2, and AX 2012 r2 with CU6

We have run into what appears to be a bug in the pending vendor invoice function.

Following are the details :

· After entering a pending vendor invoice, and then submitting it - a duplicate record of the invoice is being created in the VendInvoiceInfoTable.

· The duplicate record is not removed until after the Vendor invoice (VendEditInvoice) is closed.

· If the VendEditInvoice form is not closed and the approver approves the invoice, the workflow instance record in the WorkFlowTrackingStatusTable is linked to the duplicate record (WorkFlowTrackingStatusTable.ContextRecId = RecId of the duplicate record in VendInvoiceInfoTable); however,

when the VendEditInvoice form is closed the duplicate record is removed, causing the record in the WorkFlowTrackingStatusTable to point to a record in the VendInvoiceInfoTable that no longer exists. This causes the workflow history to be orphaned from the vendor invoice that it was created for.

This issue has been duplicated in our Test and in our Train environments. Train has CU6 applied.

Has anyone else seen this?


Duplicate records are possible in vendinvoiceinfo table and lines as we can have multiple invoices created and an earlier invoice errored out.

Check for the status of duplicate records, I guess the duplicate records must have status as waiting.


Thank you for your reply.

The duplicate record in VendInvoiceInfoTable is deleted when the VendEditInvoice form is closed. This leaves a record in the WorkFlowTrackingStatus table that links to nothing, in spite of the ContextTableId value clearly pointing to the VendInvoiceInfoTable.

I end up with dozens of records in the WorkFlowTrackingStatus table that point to RecId’s that do not exist in the VendInvoiceInfoTable. Why would this be?