Duplicate Record

Dear All I have a duplicate record somehwere in the CRM module and I cannot find it using the normal sql methods. I have synchronised till the cows come home and no luck. Is there a method or function within Axapta to check for duplicated records and correct them or can anyone give me some advice as to how best to correct this Regards Newman

Hi Newman, Just curious - What makes you think that there is some duplication somewhere. Do you get any error message? Try to run Consistency check under Basic → Periodic (with Correct error option) yet. This might if not resolve the error might at least point you to the source. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu PS - ‘Till the cows come home’ - that is an interesting phrase [:D]

Forgot to mention this - if you decide to go down this road, make sure you do this when there are no users connected to Axapta. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish The error that is occuring is that I am trying to add an interest to a contact in the crm module and it is coming up with an error that the record already exists and the record cannot be added. I have done many checks on the sql database and have not had any success as to how to correct this error. It is either a duplicate that axapta is not picking up or it is some sort of data corruption that is not showing up on the form view and hence I cannot identify what the problem is. I have narrowed it down to 358 records in the smmcontactinterest table and I have done checks against this data for duplications and looked closely to see if there may be corruption, but I cannot see where the problem is. I have done the consistancy check as well and that does not pick it up either. Generall doesnt pick up data corruption. My only choice is to go through each record to work out what the problem is. Time which I do not really have. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Newman PS the term ‘Til the cows come home’ is a dairy farmers term here in Australia, meaning when the dairy cows come in to be milked. Just a bit of Australian Slang. I lived in country Victoria for a few years when I was at Uni and must have picked up the term there

Hi Newman, If you are sure about that, see whether this works - 1. Go to SQL Administration (under Admin → Periodic) 2. Click on ‘All Tables’ 3. And select the table in question. In your case ‘smmContactInterest’ Table and 3. Select ‘Check/Synchronise’ under Table actions When you run this, Axapta should hopefully identify the rogue record which violates the ‘Allow duplicate=NO’ rule and provide you the option to delete the same. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish Thanks I found it and corrected the problem it was painful but I eventually found the rougue Regards Newman