Duplicate PO Numbers

Hello, Strange but true to my knowledge. The scenario goes in this way I have posted as po number as po-001005 & have posted it, number series allows me to enter manual numbers as well, go back into po again, press f3 and enter same po number as po-001005, navision accepts the number, by default the message should appear as record already exists. Tested in cronus database in my company, same issue. Any clues what went wrong. Its urgent for me to fix it. Best Regards

Hello, This is pretty much standard Navision. The system does not reject the new Purchase Order number as the previous order has been posted and deleted from the Purchase Header & Lines tables, and therefore no longer exists. If you use one sequential No. series, the Manual Nos. option for the series must be set to “Off”. Navision should create the No., not the user. If you have to use different No. Series formats for different types of order, create different format No. Series and link them to the main Purchase Order No. Series via Relationships. Users can select the relevant No. Series from a list which appears when you press F6 in the No. field of the Purchase Order screen. This isn’t really a bug, but a set up issue.