Duplicate Customer Account

Please suggest on removing duplicate customer account in AX.

does this duplicate customer has transactions posted?, if so approach your developer, he can help you.

It’s discussed in development cook book to merge the customers & see the transactions of them together.

You can block/hold the customer in the master in credit & collections in case of transactions. But, in reports you might require some customization based on hold - All. This is just an option from the functional side.


Just curious - how did you end up with duplicate customers in the first instance?

And you didn’t mention AX version. If it is AX 2012 -

  • ‘Check duplicates’ tool from Home > Common > GAB list page can be used to identify the underlying duplicate GAB records. Once the duplicate records are identified, then these records can be removed in a controlled fashion.
  • Highly recommended to enable ‘Use duplicate check’ field under Org admin > Setup > GAB > GAB Parameter form.

If it is previous version, I remember seeing similar tools. I don’t have previous AX versions in front to provide any more info.

HI Harish - It come through an external hand held for sales order and customer management.