Duplicate Account Number in Customer Table AX 2009


I’ve added customer with same account. AX 2009 accepts it. What could be the possible reason for this?

Thanks in Advance!

Just check if custtable has some customizations, guess Index is removed. This is the reason it accepts the duplicate account num.

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for the response. How would I checked if the Index has been removed? How to restore the index?



Go to AOT > Tables > Custtable and right click and compare it. there you will get to know if any changes has been made between the layers. and if no customization exists just delete that table, or just ask any developer to check this.

Hi Vishal,

I already delete the table but failed to synchronize. Still, it accepts two same account numbers.




You must first remove one of the offending rows or the index cannot be re-created.