Duplex Printing

My company is laser printing our invoicing and we would like to duplex our invoices that have more than one page. I get the duplexing to work great for multiple page. It is a single page invoice that is giving me problems. Our Invoicing person Selects multiple invoices from the List view and selects print at which time there are single and multiple page invoices in the print job. I have determined I need to break the report into individual jobs to accomodate the different page invoicing. I thought I could just have a NEWPAGE command at the printing of the footer but this doesn’t seem to work. I have also attempted CurrReport.BREAK without success. Any suggestions would be appreciated Jack Yonce Thanks

We already developed a duplex invoice here at Western Computer. It’s something a bit more laborious than just using newpage and our is writting on the back side of the paper the legal stuff that needs to be there usually… send me an e-mail if you’re interested on :slight_smile: