dumb newbie question

Hi all! You know how you can be comfortable doing something, then not do it for a long time, then need to do it again, and what you thought you knew you don’t…? I’m using the Canadian 2.50 Financials version. Proprietary database. We are using a temporary developer’s license because Navision can’t resolve difference between US and Canadian databases (you would think this wouldn’t be an issue, given how often it must be done in Europe, but that’s another gripe). I’m trying to create some C/AL Global variables for a report. When viewing the Sections of the Report, I select View and see that C/AL Globals is greyed out. I’m confused. Any help is greatly appreciated. cheers, Matt Benvenuti MCP, NCPS, NCSD

I think you need another licence. IIRC this happens when you have a report-designer licence, but not the licence necessary to create code (either app. builder or … eh the one who’s name I forgot). Hope this helps. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands