due date or cash discount date caluclation

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Can any pioneer tell me due date or cash discount date caluclated based on the Document date or posting date in the vendor invoice form ( Purchase order - vendor invoice form )?

what is the use of the document date in vendor invoice form ?

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It uses the document date, but there is a simple and obvious test you could perform to confirm this.

The most important use of Document date is in vendor aging report. We can run aging report based on document date also.


Hi Pranav,

Can you please explain about the difference between Document date and posting date in AX ?

I know only one difference.

Posting date is used for ledger entries. Book of account is hit as per posting date.

Document date is not mandatory on postings. Accounts are not dependent on this. It’s primary use is in the aging report.

Another tip, don’t relate posting and document date with navision. Purpose of this dates are different in AX which i have mentioned.


Can you explain how it plays important role in Aging report , it would be helpful if you explain with an example.

Document date is used to capture the original date of invoice. Say, a vendor invoice is dated on 1st Jan, and it is entered in system on 3rd. Then the document date is 1st Jan and Transaction posting date is 3rd.

And as Pranav said, Document date is very useful for vendor aging analysis.

In Vendor Aging report, you can give Criteria for running the report as -

Can you explain with an example.

When running the aging report select “Document Date” in teh “Criteria” to age by the document date and not the invoice date. Open the aging report when you have transactions with different document and transaction dates and run it, then you will see.