Due date in Work planning sheet

Items are XX ,YY, ZZ XX & YY are components of ZZ I am Running → planning–> work sheet planning —> function —> Mps & MRP Every thing is doing well unless the Due date … it gave me dates for 2001 although I am working in 2005 dates Any body have an idea How can I track these dates . and know from where is bringing these dates . Cronus Demo/ work date =1/11/05 d/m/y / shipment dates are all above than 1/11/05 Any body can Help

You will be using planning parameters and the stock is below these and always has been. As you are learning book stock in to ensure there is no requirement, then drive the demand to break the parameters, the replenishment should then calcualte from the demand breaking the parameters. I am naturally assuming you do not have 4 year lead times in your routings!