due date in consumption journal not work

Hi guys i try to get due date in release production order come or transfer in consumption journal automatically but it not come i don’t know the problem :

what i need is to transfer date found in release production order (due date) to posting date in request form of calc consumption(function-cal consumption-option-posting date) in default it take work date but i need due date in place of work date. so that i write this code to achieve this task

in open form of request form of report 5405

IF “Prod. Order No.” = ‘’ THEN

ProdOrderLine.SETRANGE(“Prod. Order No.”,“Prod. Order No.”);
IF ProdOrderLine.FIND(’+’) THEN
due_date:= ProdOrderLine.“Due Date” ;

then i replace workdate with due_date global variable as date data type

InitializeRequest(due_date,CalcBasedOn::“Expected Output”);


in createconsujinl function i write

ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE(“Posting Date”,due_date);

but when i run and open request form again after i make release production order and got to consumption journal it give me empty posting date text box

why and how i solve this problem.


any one know how to solve this proplem


have you checked the code on the validate trigger of the item journal line.

are this wrong and what is the relation this to item journal line

Its related to Item.