Dublicate Check

Hi! Is it able to upgrade the dublicate check in 3.70., that i’m able to find Company AND Persons as a double. Greet Markus

Hi. Are there no informations about this? Everyone understand my question? Markus


Everyone understand my question?
Originally posted by markusroth - 2005 May 20 : 07:47:33

I guess your word by word translation from German to English is confusing a lot of readers. (BTW, you should ask “Anyone understand my question”.) However, I am not a/the teacher here and English is my 2nd language, but I try to “translate” you question (for my mind word by word back into German and than into English again). Markus is asking for a possibility to check for contacts AND companies at the same time while using Codeunit 5060 (DuplicateManagement).

This change is easy to implement but you need help from you Navision partner or a developer licence.