Dual UOM without utilizing catch weight

Hi All,

Our company buys plant seeds in bulk and resells them in packets. No manufacturing process is done on raw materials (seeds) other than packing.

The primary unit of purchase, sales and inventory must be quantity. We use kilo seeds (Ks = 1000 seeds) as the primary unit. The problem is that when packing the sales order, we need to weigh the seeds because it is too hard to count the tiny seeds for every single order. We have setup unit conversions to convert Ks to g for each individual item, so that it enables the worker to weigh the order line by using a scale.

Catch weight feature in AX 12 R3 is not going to work for us as the primary unit of measure is not the weight. The question is that how we can change the unit at packing point from Ks to g to reflect the converted weight or how we can add the converted weight as an additional field in the form to notify the worker how much seeds he has to weigh.

Should you need more explanation, please let me know. Any help with this would be highly appreciated.