Dual Processor Server - SMP Aware??

I have a client that installed Microsoft Exchange Server on their Navision server. Slowed it right down, as you can imagine. Their network consultant has now asked me if Navision is SMP aware. I gather this means that, in a dual processor server, can we direct Navision to a specific processor. This is his thought on how to get the system running at an acceptable speed again. I know they added a bunch of RAM earlier, but am not sure how much. Does anyone have an idea on this, or can you point me somewhere?? Thanks for your assistance. Jim Poapst

Look at the Exchange server. One of it’s “features” is that it by default eat all RAM memory it can get, making the system sag. Running the optimizer, you can restrict this to a level that the computer can handle without choking. Pelle

Pelle - Thanks. I believe they have tried this. My understanding is that it is a matter of CPU utilization rather than available memory. Their thinking is that if they can direct Navision to a specific processor, and everything else to the other processor, the situation will be resolved. Jim Poapst

Navision is not SMP aware. Hence, if you had two applications running and one was then I’d dedicated the second processor to the other application. As mentioned Exchange is a memory hog. I hope you have at least 512 MB of RAM; however, more would be better. /Michael

Unless you provide services to the customer free of charge, then it will cost them more for your time than the cost of a new server for Exchange. You are asking for problems when you put anything else on the Navision server. PS: RAM is more significant here than CPU. Also if Exchange is “sharing” the Navision drives, then it will really slow down. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 <u Edited by - David Singleton on 2001 Nov 06 03:51:42