Drop shipment


Can someone please advise on the right procedure on this matter?


  1. Create a Sales Order for 3 lines items, and check the Drop Shipment.

  2. Create Purchase Order for 3 lines items, and select the customer created for drop shipment.

  3. Receive the item in PO for 3 lines items.

  4. Sales Order is automatically shipped since the PO is already received.

  5. Invoice the the Sale Order.

  6. We want to revised the PO, line 3 should not be included in the PO. so what we did is from the Posted Purchase Receipt, we do function Undo Receipt. but there is an error, it say that i must not specify the SO num in Purchase Rcpt Line.

  7. We also try to make credit memo for that particular sales order and try the Undo shipment, but the system wont allow us to do the transaction and giving us again an error.

Can some please help us, give us the right procedure on this transaction?

Many many thanks.

As far as I remember (had problem like yours a couple of years ago), completed Drop Shipment transaction wasn’t UnDo-able by all ways we then could find and try :frowning:

Maybe now in newer versions the solution exsists - and somebody else here can help you more - but we then gave up and used Dev Licence + “brute force”, as there was one & only errorenous transaction to correct, and told client to triple check everything before posting further on…

thanks for your reply. it is possible if we invoice the purchase order or shall i say complete all the transaction and create a credit memo for both side and try to create another po and so? but how about the stock take of the item, is it automatic after we perform the credit memo?

Drop Shipment bypasses Item movement through Inventory - so it is in real life, too, normally these items never appear physically in your warehouse