Drop shipment part has 0 unit cost

We paid $33,685 for this part and when you look at the item card it has a unit cost of 0. This part was a drop shipment and our cost accountant is wondering why it has no unit cost.


shipment and receipt. Item ledger entries.

Is there a function we can run to give it a unit cost??

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you run Adjust Cost - Item Entries Batch Job?

All cost-related fields in ItemCard are actually for informative purpose only, and amounts it (may) contain use to be approximate, especially with some certain costing methods. It can not be precise, as it varies from transaction to transaction.

If you run ACIE, and the other batchjob which posts it’s result, costing data for every sole transaction will be correct. If your accountant is willing to check what it exactly was, the place to look for is Item Ledger entries (further drill down possible to Value entries to check what actions exactly are summed up to form Cost)

In addition to Modris’ comments, a good idea is to remove all the costing fields from the Item card, or at least create a new form for the accountants with those fields removed, as they only complicate things. Just have them run the inventory valuation report.

Thanks for the replies. We use FIFO costing method.

I will forward this on to the cost accountant.


We ran the ACIE today

but it didn’t do anything. Cost is still zero. What is this batchjob which posts the results?

Nothing has changed on the part since 11-21-11.

Post Inv.entory cost to G/L

In the Item Card it will NOT change, it was already said earlier and explained why. That for David suggested removing cost-related fields from IC - as those do NOT contain precise info. Looking at those figures, accountants get confused and start to suspect something is wrong with costing, but that is not true.

Thanks Modris.