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my question is i have a table , it has a two Fields. Field 1 have employ drop down list and Field 2 have drop down list of designation. if i select one designation for one employ and i go for second employ i select another designation, but hear if i assign a designation to one employ , for the next employ designation list show only remain designation’s witch or not selected for the employs . NOTE:-the designation field allow duplicates also.

Ex:- i have 4 designation’s in field 2… Hr, it manager, clerk , ar clerk. the designations come list view in field 2.

field1(Empid) field2(designation)

001 HR (for this record it show the all 4-designations)

002 IT manager( in this row it show only 3 designations)

003 clerk (it show only 2 designation in list)

… (4…3…2…1…0.)

the designation field allow duplicate also…

What’s your question? Is what you’ve described something what you’re trying to implement and you don’t know how? If it’s the case, simply override lookup() and filter data with a non-exist join.