"Driver does not support this function" With CODBC

We are trying to do select and update SQL statements against a Navision version 3.7 database (non-SQL Server). We are using ODBC.NET in an ASP.NET application. We can do select statements with no issue. We get the following error, however, when we try to do updates: ERROR [IM001] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support this function But the update is successful… Our code is similar to the following: cn = New OdbcConnection(strConn) cmd = New OdbcCommand cmd.Connection = cn cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text cmd.CommandText = “Update ““Default Dimension”” set ““Dimension Value Code”” = ‘100’ WHERE ““No_”” = ‘FA0000000004’ AND ““Dimension Code”” = ‘DEPARTMENT’” cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know how to eliminate the error?

We received the same error with an insert statement. And, once again, the transaction completed correctly even though we received an error message.