I am trying to set up drilldown on a new field which is calculation of two flowfields. I want it to drilldown to the Purchase List Form. I am running the form in OnDrilldown and this works. Before I run this I set the currentkey to be the required key and then three filters. However when I drilldown I get all the data with no filters. I am not sure if I am missing something simple of it is not possible. Can anyone help. Thanks Kevin

When You do it this way You need to set the filter on a record variable and pass that variable to the form. Something like this should do it (if it’s on the Document No You wan’t to filter): PurchLine.SETRANGE(“Document Type”, MyDesiredDocType) PurchLine.SETRANGE(“Document No.”, MydesiredDocNo); FORM.RUN(FORM::“Purchase Order Subform”,PurchLine); //Lars

Thanks a lot Lars that sorted it. Many Thanks Kevin