I have create a spare part list with positions. This positions are similar with a drawing. How can I import or insert the drawings (jpg, not bmp) into the spare part list, so that I have a complete spare part catalogue to print? We use navision attain 3.6

You can import the JPG as a BLOB. Create a new field “Picture” as type BLOB. To import into a table… Picture.IMPORT(’’,TRUE) To view picture… TempFileName := xxxxxxxxx.xxx (new location for the file) Picture.EXPORT(TempFileName, FALSE); HYPERLINK(TempFileName); Shouldn’t this be in the developers forum?

Actually just reading your post again, that is probably not the answer you are after… sorry about that

You can store the jpg’s in BLOB fields as Dean suggests but both forms and reports can only show bmp files. You will ll need to convert the images into bmp or look for some automation solution (which might be much more difficult to achieve). Saludos Nils

Look at the matriks add-on, it should do what you want. their web site should be on the links page

There’s also a picture converter that enables you to view jpg-files in Navision. This tool converts the jpg-format to bmp the moment you try to acces it. The tool can be found, I believe on http://navisioner.com/html/3rdparty.htm made by John Tegelaar

I have an example for this. I’m using add-on from John Tegelaar. if you want please add me to your msn.