Drag & Drop in Navision

hi, We work with Navision 2.6 and i wonder if i could use the drag and drop function that is included in WIN NT 4.0? How would i program that? Thanks Tom

Hi Tom If you would like to implement Windows drag and drop in Navision, my adwise would be to forget about it. Windows drag and drop needs a global memory address to handle the clippoard content, which is the 1st reason why it is impossible to implement. Second reason would be the absense of virtual functions to control those mouse movements, etc… The drag and drop is difficult enough to implement with MCF, with Navision it is ablsolutely impossible. pls, don’t shoot the messenger:) Tero.

Tero is 100% right. Drag & Drop items in a Win32 environment is heavy job that is usually handled via API calls which are encapsulate into the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library) However a work around in Navision could be to MARK (a record from a source table) & Move (copy the record into a destination table) Obviously the result won’t be as fancy as a drag & drop in Explorer [:D]

Tarek en Tero, Thanks for the info, Too bad Navision doesn’t support that. P.S. If you’re good then I won’t shoot the messenger. [^]