drag and drop; picture vieuwer

hi, we are implementing a document managing tools in our firm. We would like to be able to see our scanned documents(in jpg or another format) in navision. Is there a good viewer available that we can integrate in Navision 2.6? Can we use AcrobatReader as a part of navision? (or the function that is now used for printexample (translation from dutch, output from report on screen) We would like to have a form with on the left side navision-information and on the right side thumbnails of the scans that we have made. Is Navision also able to use the “drag and drop” function so we could drag the document to the navision information and thus creating the link? thanks Tom delchambre I.T. Metro N.V. 051/332.756 0475/63.78.61 Tom.delchambre@vandemoortele.com www.metro-trans.be

Ask your reseller about Matriks Doc. Go to www.matriks.com, I think its what you’re looking for.

in Navision DE2.50 i have solved a similar problem with opening the internet explorer with the required file: SHELL(‘iexplore.exe -k I:\Alle\Navision\temp\pms.gif’); perhaps you can use this in a similar way ?