Dr Watson errors when using odbc

Hi, We have a codeunit that does import/export between a Navision SQL database and Sybase (or Informix, same problem)using their ODBC drivers. Every so often Navision crashes out an generates a Dr Watson error. The error log contains this information and more : Microsoft (R) Windows 2000 ™ Version 5.00 DrWtsn32 Copyright (C) 1985-1999 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Application exception occurred: App: (pid=1076) When: 10/4/2002 @ 13:20:16.156 Exception number: c0000005 (access violation) We are using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library to do a query then read through the recordset. Navision suggest making sure that we CLEAR the recordset after using it and using FORMAT and isnull to avoid null or otherwise bad data, unfortunately no difference. Running the 3.6 client seems to solve the problem in a test environment but it would be good to know that this is a real solution before loading it for the client, does anyone know anything about this? I know others have had similar problems but is there a solution? regards, Dan Kelly.

Don’t have a solution but we do get the problem with Excel and Access when using ODBC connections to a Navision 2.60E database. Some of our observations may add to the search for a remedy ? Given that the Navision ODBC interface uses part or all of the local Workstation Navision Client (not seem anything setting out just exactly what and how) it appears to be critical that the local client is configured for the server, database and company that you wish to access via ODBC. Put another way I find if I want to access company A and my local Navision client has company B open then my chances of getting an ODBC connection to company A that does not DR Watson is basically zero. If also find that if I have the Navision client open the Dr Watson rate is worse. As a result my recipe for minimum Dr Watson event of Navision ODBC is - - open the Navision client and open the required company - do not close the Navision main Menu, rather close the Navision client The Dr Watson rate under these conditions we can live with as we only use ODBC for limited reporting and Excel data analysis, but the rate is by no means zero. Hope that adds something useful.

I believe the question is not about C/ODBC, since it is talking about using the ODBC driver for SQL Server and Sybase from C/AL via the ActiveX library. There is no mention of C/ODBC. I suspect it is a bug with the interface between C/AL and ActiveX, and not anything to do with the ODBC drivers. I would check for bug fixes in 3.6 relating to the use of automation objects to verify that a fix has been made deliberately in 3.6 that will solve your problem.

It looks as though the problem was fixed in 3.10 hotfix 6-7. There was a problem with the Attain client where it used automation to perform database operations if the automation server was a dll. So poor old Dr Watson is the messenger carrying the bad news rather than the cause of the problem! Dan.