Download Navision Demo


I have also posted this into the user forum (sorry for duplicate): Can somebody tell me where I can find a demo version to download?

Thank you.


(Latest demo available here at at: Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 5.0 - Client)

Thank you for answer. Somebody has also directed me to a free comercial demo kit (which only contains the english version), at

Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 5.0 - Client

Best regards, Ciprian

… but there is restriction in that demo. For example, you can use only 4 particular months, size of the database is fixed. I think it would only be suitable for beginner…

It’s a restriction so that people won’t use the demo database for their production, has nothing to do with whether you’re a beginner. The actual usage is not restricted, you can do everything you need to do in that database.

[:D] Great!

Since this thread actually is still very much searched for, then I just wanted to add a link to the newest version of Navision:

Navision / Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 - Product CD

Hi Erik,

the link that I downloaded was interrupted…

you can download it from Partnersource also…