I have 3 Quesitons

  1. In Ax, what exactly are the thin-client and Fat-Client?

  2. When exactly should we code in modifiedField() and modified() methods ?

  3. I want to shutDown AoS and then restart AOS cuz i think my .auc and .alc files are corrupt.

How to shutDown the AoS service?




  1. In thin client configuration, all processing occurs at the AOS and AOS then communicates directly with the DB server where fat client is more ‘client-centric’ and is used as a batch server (it saves server’s performance )

  2. modified is a boolean method returns true when field value is changed (like after selecting a record from the lookup) whilst modifiedField is void method used to initialize fields

  3. You should stop/restarthe service directly on the server within the services

Hope this helps.