Doubt:Regarding Backup Restoring in navision 3.7


Due to Hard disk failure we are restored the previous Day Backup in to another system.

There we find DataBase Information was changed. like below

before Hard Disk Failure Our

Database (used space is) 83.45 GB

Database Size:120 GB

Licenced Size is:130 GB

But after restoring the Backup

we found that

Database (used Space is):64.91 GB

Database size:120 GB

Licenced size is:130 GB only.

what is the Exact Reason for it.



I am just guessing but it could be due to the log files if you are using SQL Server.

hi Sreenivas,

Welcome on aboard,

Did you, by any change interrupt the process? coz we went through similar one !


No, Back up was Restored Sucessfully.