doubt on scrap calculation

Hi experts,

I have a small problem with scrap calculation.

My client has a manufacturing unit in which he pours some 50 kgs of x material and 50 kgs of y material and gets 98 kgs of z material .

So remaining 2 kgs gets evaporated.sohow to record this in navision

Really there is nothing stopping you setting the BOM in this manner, it is just a calculation, however in this sort of industry they will be interested in other ratio aspects, ask them about the yield percentages tehy are seeking and how they want to track it. I would be inclined at a first level to set this for 100kg to be 50 kg and 50 kg of raw material consumption and then track the yield from this with the variance from the 100kg produced based upon the actual finished quantity produced. However there are so many questions with this it is difficult to answer, and they may be better served with the Process add-ons.