doubt on sales shipment and invoice


what are the tables gets effected when a sales order is just shipment and also both shipment and invoice.

Also plz tell me how to reverse the order which is shipmented and also which is shipmented and invoiced.

Many of them (depending on what functionality you use).

To find out ALL of them, you can use SQL tracing tools - if you are on SQL database. If on Native - then only examination of code executed in debug mode will give you this info, but it will be VERY time-consuming process.

You may Undo Shipment from Posted SO - look up for it in Posted SO list. If you have Invoiced the SO, too, it can’t be undone anymore. You must enter a Return Order or Credit Memo to reverse such (Shipped AND Invoiced) SO.

Turn on the code coverage and ship the invoice, this will tell you the tables that are hit in the example you have created and will be a good starting point.

Just shipped, if nothing has happened to the stock and it is an item then the unship function, shipped and invoiced is a credit note.

Have you looked at the code coverage?

Just shipped, if it is the correct state you can unship it, otherwise, it is a credit memo as with an invoice, but with the appropriate processing.

Thank u adam the way u said is working fine.

Adam at the same time is there any way to view wat are the accounts that gets effected when shipment is done and invoice is done

If you are new to Navision and don’t yet know code coverage, or if you don’t have access to it, then a trick I often suggest, is to open the Table information (File ->Database->information Tables.) copy paste this into excel. Then post away. Reopen the Tables and again copy to excel. Now you can compare the before and after and see what new records were created. Unfortunately you wont see table that were read only or that were modifed only. But its a good start.

From the posted document navigate to the GL entries.