doubt on getting item name in report


I have created a report from item ledger entry table.

Iam getting exact results what i want but only problem is iam getting item No.s in the report but i want to display item description so how can i do this.

There is no item description column in item ledger entry so plz help me

the field name is “item ledger entry”.description.
this ‘description’ field will contain Item description ONLY IF Entry Type=Consumption OR Output.

s joe but by default description column is empty in item ledger entries .

Will i need to change any thins to get that description

iam confused

Correct - but the field is also filled in if the description [from eg Sales Invoice] differs from the item’s description at posting time.

that’s what i can not understand, why should link to ILE.description, instead of ILE.“item no.” micheal - if you can not change your purpose, means you need to trace backward to work on modifications for ILE.description … which i can not see any necessities to do so.